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Review: Cakepaperie – Pocket Fauxdori

Midori Traveler’s Notebook Cover – Blue

What is a Fauxdori? It is a traveler’s notebook cover made out of fabric. A fauxdori is a spin-off from the ever famous Midori Traveler’s Notebook cover which is originally made from leather. The original covers come in two sizes; standard and passport with two amazing colors; brown and black. Recently, Midori released the limited edition blue cover as well. Since the Midori covers come in limited colors, the planner community feels the need to expand the color palette to suit each and everyone’s personalities as well as making it affordable so the idea of a fauxdori came about! A lot of stores on Etsy are now using amazing and colorful fabrics to sew their own fauxdori! I’m sold on the idea and thought of purchasing one to test it out!

Cakepapierie Fauxdori
Midori Traveler’s Notebook Cover – Blue

I have been dying to do a review on this lovely fauxdori from Etsy store, Cakepaperie.I purchased this in May 2015. It looks slightly worn in the photo above because it is well-loved. I bought the pocket size because I wanted something that I am able to carry on the go and looks lovely as well. This design which is called “Lady” caught my eyes because of the bright colors and floral pattern and I wanted something to go with the spring season at that point of time. The fauxdori came in a metallic envelope. The item was wrapped in brown paper with a card with the store’s contact details. I like that the elastic band in the front is attached to the side of the cover instead of the original traveler’s notebook which is attached to the back of the cover. I find that the flow of opening the fauxdori is smoother with the elastic band at the side. The charm given is similar to the one shown in the shop. There is no option to choose the charm for now.

Midori Traveler’s Notebook Cover – Blue

The design inside looks the same as the design outside and has two elastic straps to hold your notebooks. The pocket size can hold up to six 5.5×3.5 inch notebooks. During that time, I had no option to select the number of elastic bands I want but recently I think you can opt for additional elastic bands in the cover for a fee, but how many do you need for a pocket fauxdori am I right?

Midori Traveler’s Notebook Cover – Blue

I’m not sure where in the market I can get pocket notebooks but I found these babies at Muji for just SGD2 each! These notebooks are 125x88mm and comes with different paper designs; green-grid, red-blank and black-dots.

Midori Traveler’s Notebook Cover – Blue

Even when the fauxdori description said that it can hold at least 6 notebooks, I went with just 4 notebooks because I do not want my on the go notebooks to be too bulky. 4 notebooks to me is just nice and the fauxdori closes nicely with no overhanging of inserts. Even if it does, the store offers the option of adding on a removable elastic band to hold your books together. I’m not sure if it is available for pocket sizes, as I bought the band for my fauxdori in large size.

Midori Traveler’s Notebook Cover – Blue
Midori Traveler’s Notebook Cover – Blue
Midori Traveler’s Notebook Cover – Blue

With 4 notebooks in the fauxdori, I dedicated one of the notebooks for bullet journaling. At that point, I find the system intriguing and decided to try it out in the pocket. I used the other three notebooks to jot down notes or quick lists for wedding related stuffs, to buy and some quotes from books or TED videos I find useful. The system worked out for two months and I even copied it onto my Filofax planner but I stopped as I do not have the discipline to update it regularly enough (ironic how it is actually my on the go notebook). However, I think it is just me and I am not giving up on the bullet journaling system just as yet. I am determined to try it out again and watched as many videos on YouTube for inspirations on how to do it right or make it my own.

Midori Traveler’s Notebook Cover – Blue

My verdict on the Cakepaperie Pocket Fauxdori in Lady

Overall design:

  • Really gorgeous floral print I must say with the contrasting colors; no wonder it is sold out! Hopefully the store is able to bring this pattern back!
  • I like that the exterior elastic band is attached to the spine instead of the back of the cover as the flow of opening the fauxdori is smoother. I have the Midori Traveler’s Notebook in Black and I must say it’s a hassle at times opening the Midori as compared to this Fauxdori. I’m sure this part will extend to all her fauxdori in different sizes. Also glad there is now an option to add on elastic bands inside the Fauxdori.
  • The fauxdori is pretty sturdy; not too hard or too floppy either. There will be some fraying of the fabric however this was intentional to create the worn and well-loved look. If you’re easily perturbed by strings of fabric hanging out of your clothes, I suggest you not opt for this fauxdori.
  • I love it nonetheless. It’s pretty and light even when I placed six notebooks inside!


  • Like most pocket planners, we know that we are not given the luxury of space so please do not expect comfort when writing in this fauxdori. This is meant for on the go activities; notes for referencing and quick notes so it is not ideal for it to be a journal but it’s your fauxdori, you can do what you want with it.
  • I’ve seen people using a pocket as a wallet but I’m not sure of the practicality and the durability of the fauxdori to be a wallet. I recently check the store and realize that add ons for elastic bands to hold the notebooks together have been taken out from the store. Maybe they are doing some revisions for the elastic bands as I think it was rather flimsy and does not hold the books well especially in the case for six notebooks in a Large Fauxdori. I hope this option will be available soon or if not there are always other stores selling one.


  • This pocket fauxdori was priced at USD22 with shipping fee at USD4. Adding on more elastics will cost additional USD4. At the point of purchase, there was a 10% coupon code so my total purchase was only USD24.40. I guess it is reasonably priced and worth it for someone who is trying out to see if a fauxdori is suitable for them.

Will I buy it again?

  • I did in fact. My first purchase with the store is the Large Fauxdori in Vine to help me hold my May Design notebooks. This Pocket Fauxdori is my second purchase from the store. All because of it’s affordability and the pretty designs. Did I mention I bought a third one too?


I recently hosted a planner challenge on Instagram in August 2015. My greatest thanks to all those who have participated as I love seeing all the wonderful photos! The winner will win a my third purchase which is the Pocket Fauxdori in Aqua Flamingo from Etsy shop, Cakepaperie with pocket notebook inserts from Etsy shop Growing Up Goddess! This design is sold out in store so lucky you! What are you waiting for? Check out the video and see if you have won! Thanks again for joining! I have a September Planner Challenge up so tag me on Instagram if you’re joining in!

Check me out on Instagram @paperblush for more planner related posts! ❤

Disclaimer: This post is non-sponsored and opinions expressed are of my own. Feel free to comment, suggest future posts or ask any questions about this post! Thank you!


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