Filofax Pocket Chameleon

Planner Setup: Filofax Pocket Chameleon

Filofax Pocket Chameleon
Filofax Pocket Chameleon Setup

I love the Filofax Pocket Chameleon. I use this planner as a wallet and on the go expenses tracker. I know that this is the one planner that works perfectly for me because I have been through a number of pocket organizers! Let’s take a look at the Filofax Pocket Chameleon’s anatomy.


I will use the Filofax Chameleon Pocket in Red to examine the anatomy. This is the front exterior.  The leather is textured and it looks like mini hearts all over if you examine it closer! Material is soft yet sturdy. As far as I know, this planner comes in 6 different colours; black, brown, red, spring green, raspberry and aqua. You can still find the black and brown around but the rest of the colours are really rare! Consider yourself lucky if you happen to own one!


And when you open it up via the snap on button, you will see this beautiful interior. Generally card slots on the left and zipped slot on the right. The rings are slightly smaller than the Pocket Malden ot Finsbury. Let’s zoom in to examine this beauty closer.


This is the left interior of the planner. It has the Filofax logo and planner type embossed, elastic leather pen holder, 5 card slots and 1 slide pocket. I can fit 2 credit cards in one slot and another 3 cards in the slide pocket. Also depends on how bulky you want your planner/wallet to be. Perk: I love that the pen loop is elastic and it is on the left side instead of the right side of the planner.


This is the right interior of the planner. It has a zipped compartment only. Compared to other Filofax Pocket versions (Malden, Finsbury), the pen loops are on the right side which is in the way if you are attempting to take coins out from the zipped compartment.


Imagine if your pen loop is there, on the right side of the planner, beside the zipped compartment. See? Do you understand when I say why I love that the Filofax Pocket Chameleon’s pen loop is on the left now?


The Filofax Pocket Chameleon also comes with a full width back pocket for you to slide your cash, notes, vouchers and receipts. It is pretty deep though so make sure to clear the back pocket once in awhile. You might mistake your $100 bill as receipt and trash it away.


This is the whole exterior. Beautiful colour and leather. Really soft and sturdy at the same time. Love the texture!


I have set up my Filofax Pocket Chameleon in Spring Green and would like to invite you to watch the video for a flip through!


Here are the stuffs I have in my planner:

  1. Expenses: Daily expenses tracker – From daily transport to food expenses. I use Filofax 1 week on 2 pages inserts 2016.
  2. Shop: Online shopping tracker – Date, shop name, price, payment mode, date shipped & date received. I use lined pages and write in the categories.
  3. Credit: Brief credit card information, credit card expenses, credit card bill due and payment. I use lined pages and write in the categories.
  4. Payment: All other monthly payments to be made are tracked here. I use lined pages and write in the categories.
  5. Misc: Notes – A few lined papers if I don’t have any papers with me to jot down stuff
  6. Plastic envelope: Store stickers, receipts, sticky notes. Comes with the Filofax
  7. Credit Card Plastic Holder: Store my other membership cards – I made it myself. Bought plastic credit card slots, washi the edges and punched holes. You can see the tutorials on Youtube.

Verdict: This is probably planner peace in terms of pocket planners and daily expenses tracker. I am still playing around with different systems for daily planning so come journey with me! Let me know what you think of this planner and if you think there are other pocket planner more superior than this! I would love to hear from you!

Disclaimer: This post is non-sponsored and opinions expressed are of my own. All photos are mine. Please let me know if you would like to use them. Feel free to comment, suggest future posts or ask any questions about this post! Thank you!

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One thought on “Planner Setup: Filofax Pocket Chameleon

  1. I absolutely love the pics you have posted on the Filofax pocket chameleon, they are so well taken!! I only wanted to get this in brown and raspberry but after viewing your blog, I am going to get all 4 colors, including red and spring green. As they are discontinued, I could only buy them pre-loved.

    Are these durable for daily use as wallet? Do you have any cons for this?
    The ring is 15mm n much smaller than 20mm found in some other brands, hope this planner is sufficient for my need.

    I am now a fan of yours after this informative blog and following you on Instagram. Thank you so much for sharing and the pics in your Instagram are even more stunning!


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