BUJO April 2016 Flip Through

Hello! I started Bullet Journaling (BUJO) in April and I really like the idea of the minimalist layout as well as figuring out what system works best almost weekly! I did a few researches on various system for bullet journaling and I managed to come out with my own system. This is my BUJO April layout.


Sections in my April 2016 Layout:

  1. Future Log (April, May, June) – Task, events planned in advanced
  2. April 2016 – Monthly : Events, Appointments for April
  3. April 2016 – Tasks & Goals
  4. April Planner Challenges
  5. April Tracker : Habits, Projects, etc. I would like to track
  6. April Daily (will expand on this section soon)
  7. Readings – Notes
  8. April Memories
  9. April Online Shopping Tracker
  10. April Gratitude
  11. Wishlist
  12. Notes – Fitness
  13. Ideas
  14. Blog Post Plan
  15. Reading List
  16. April Brain Dump
  17. Most Used List
  18. Note – May BUJO layout
  19. April Reflection
  20. Sketchnotes


I am excited for May 2016 layout. I will be simplifying the Monthly tracker so it is more focused and I have removed the Online Shopping Tracker in May, since I decided to keep track of financial tracker in my Pocket Filofax Chameleon (you can read more about this in my other post). Gonna have to brush up on my lettering and definitely the doodling! Still getting things done but always happy to change and discover new layouts!

Here is a qucik flip through of my April 2016 layout!

Do you bullet journal too? What are some of the sections do you have that I don’t? Do let me know and let us continue inspiring each other!

Notebook used: Leuchtturm Emerald Medium Dotted
Notebook Cover used: Foxyfix A5 Perfect Bound Golden Honey (Get 25 reward points if you sign up via the link in my Shopping Coupon Code section on the right!)
Pens used: Header – Zig Brush Pens, Writing – Kikkik Gel Pen, Doodling/Drawing- Staedtler Triplus Fineliner

Disclaimer: This post is non-sponsored and opinions expressed are of my own. All photos are mine. Please let me know if you would like to use them. Feel free to comment, suggest future posts or ask any questions about this post! Thank you!

Other Places To Find Me:
Instagram – @paperblushplans (planner-related) / @paper.muse (BUJO)
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Twitter – @paperblushplans
Youtube – Nadia Blush


Nadia, @paperblushplans


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