My Bullet Journal | May 2016

Hello everyone!

I’m sharing my  bullet journal layout in May. I reviewed my previous layouts, weed out unnecessary sections and enhance the existing sections that I decided to keep. Some sections work and some does not. Let’s see what we have for the month of May.


Sections in my May 2016 Layout:

  1. May 2016 – Appointment & Event for May (overview)
  2. May 2016 – Tasks, Goals, To-Do, Notes for May
  3. May Gratitude
  4. May Brain Dump
  5. May Planner Challenges
  6. May Leterring
  7. May Weekly (Overview)
  8. In Case of Emergency
  9. Gaming Notes
  10. Book List
  11. Planner & Notebook Listing
  12. Television Series Tracker
  13. Colouring Page
  14. May Memories

Layout Reflection in May:

  1. Tabs & Indexing


If you have read my post, I had a considerably long list of sections in April. Some sections are still relevant till date, for example the Wishlist, Most Used List & Ideas sections. I still refer to them occasionally. That’s why I find it useful to have tabs. Tabs will help you to refer to important sections fast. I can foresee having issues looking for other sections once the notebook has more information added to it. Updating your Index page is also a very important. The Leuchtturm Notebook has page numbers which is helpful but if your notebook does not have any, do write down the page numbers for easy reference.

 2. Try different layouts every week until you find what works for you

I started out bullet journaling doing the basics but I realize I need more than just basic bullet journal so I decided to adapt the layouts to my daily needs instead. Thanks to the inspirations from the bullet journal community that I find a heap of ideas to try out.


I started out the first week of May with a simple horizontal layout. Tasks and notes.


I proceed to doing hourly layout which I love because you can see the activities done throughout the day on 2 pages. However, it offers me little space to write notes or thoughts for the day.


I modified the hourly layout as above and I have a column to add notes or other things but I’m not worried about adding lists as I have a dedicated weekly overview at the start of the week.

3. Dedicated Weekly Overview for the month


During the second week, I decided to incoporate a weekly overview. The monthly overview has tasks we want to accomplish in the month but having this layout at the start of the week keeps you focused on tasks assigned to be completed for the week. This will also help you prioritize certain tasks you have indicated in the month overview. It is really helpful for me because I get overwhelmed when I look at the tasks I have to do in May and may or may not complete them eventually. When you check off tasks in this weekly list, you are also checking off tasks for the month. Feels so much better!

4. Add daily tracker, washi tapes, stamps. Make it YOUR layout!


Towards the last 2 days of the month, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed with new tasks and I  was striving to complete them (which I did, yay!)  so my layout is just that.Did some stamping to keep my spirits high because June is just around the corner and we need to push ahead. You can see more of my daily layout here.

5. Mistakes happen and it is OK! If it is not, do something about it.


So many beautiful instagram accounts for bullet journal layouts out there and you beat yourself knowing you would never reach their level. Heck they are there for inspirations; let them inspire you to be better, not to put you down. I made a mistake (supposed to be my May Memories section but I seriously do not know what I was doing and the ink from the stamping on the previous page bleed through badly! I really hate it.) so I googled for free colouring pages and printed a few on sticker paper and stick this bad boy on that page. But that is me, I like things neat so I cannot see some mistakes on my paper but it is nothing major that is going to stop me from bullet journaling.

I did a video flip through for my may layout but there was a lot of information that is pretty personal so I decided not to put it up. I hope I have inspired you enough to set up a bullet journal in June! Do you bullet journal too? What are some of the sections do you have that I don’t? Do let me know and let us continue inspiring each other!

Notebook used: Leuchtturm Emerald Medium Dotted
Notebook Cover used: Mellonjournal A5 Fauxdori in Wild Pineapple
Stationeries used: Zig Brush Pens, Kikkik Gel Pen, Staedtler Triplus Fineliner, Washi Tape from Little B, Stamps from Mommylhey, Stickers from Keenaprints & Plannermania.

Disclaimer: This post is non-sponsored and opinions expressed are of my own. All photos are mine. Please let me know if you would like to use them. Feel free to comment, suggest future posts or ask any questions about this post! Thank you!

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Nadia, @paperblushplans


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