Planner Layout Collection | June 2016


I decided to compile my collection of planner layouts in my personal planner to document my progress in terms of planner decoration and functionality. I mostly used my personal planner to keep daily highlights and not really for planning.

Also, June is the debut of Ink&Wink‘s Summer Lovin’ Bundle! I was in love with their Hello Spring Bundle but I have not had a chance to use it much. This time I made sure I actually use the stickers! Read more to see how I use the printables from both the Hello Spring & Summer Lovin’ Bundle to decorate most of my June planner layouts.

Here is my planner layout collection for the month of June 2016.

Week 23 – Planner Layout

For Week 23’s layout, I used Chic Chic Printable stickers from Ink and Wink’s Hello Spring Bundle. I printed this sticker on generic A4 sticker paper and cut the stickers individually.

Most of the stickers were made for the Erin Condren planner. I like to improvise and make it work for my personal planner so it does not bother me one bit. You can see from the following layouts how i try to ensure the stickers are adapted to the personal planner layout.

Week 24 – Planner Layout

For Week 24’s layout, I used Huxley Photo Design’s Mermaid Assorted printable stickers from Ink and Wink’s Summer Lovin’ Bundle. I love the soft colours and the mermaids! Even the washi tape matches the underwater theme. By this time, I was out of sticker paper so I printed this on a normal paper, cut and paste individually.

The boxed stickers in this printable were meant for Erin Condren planner but I chose to paste it over 1.5 days and divide the 2 days using lines instead. Most of the checklist stickers were longer so I had to cut it into half to fit one day in the layout. I also scattered bits and pieces of the washi tapes in this week’s layout.

Week 25 – Planner Layout

For Week 25’s layout, I used stickers from Craftieliciousloves. This is not a printable and the stickers were from one of my favorite shop located in Singapore! I really adore the Daisy Girls and the Happy Spring sticker set! I love the look of spring overall in this layout and it looks great with the floral washi tape too!

Week 26 – Planner Layout

For Week 26’s layout, I used Huxley Photo Design’s Watercolor Assorted printable stickers from Ink and Wink’s Summer Lovin’ Bundle. I love the watercolor effect. I rotated the vertical boxes meant for Erin Condren’s Vertical Layout planner to fit in the horizontal layout and then I rotated the half boxes horizontally so it becomes vertical! Such a simple layout but so much fun!

Ink&Wink’s Bundle includes planner printables designed by different small businesses. Loads of goodies such as sticker sets, dashboards, journal cards, inserts and many more! And this bundle is pretty cheap too considering the number of contributors and the stuffs you will be getting. Ink&Wink also included special coupon code and more free stuffs after the purchase. I think it is really worth it!

There are still more printables I have yet to use from Ink and Wink Bundles so you can look forward to see more layouts using them! Check them out for more free printable!

Do you like to see more of such post? Let me know!

Recurring items featured in this post:

  1. Kate Spade Wellesley Zip Around Agenda 2016 Cabaret Pink
  2. Kate Spade Personal Size Inserts 2016
  3. Sweetheart Charm from Etsy Shop LoveNeen
  4. Mint Pom Pom Charm from Craftieliciousloves
  5. Pink Unicorn Clip from Etsy TheAngelShoppe
  6. Girl Bookmark from YeayStationery
  7. Metallic Roller Pen from Kikki K

Disclaimer: This post is non-sponsored and opinions expressed are of my own. All photos are mine. Please let me know if you would like to use them. Feel free to comment, suggest future posts or ask any questions about this post! Thank you!

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