My Bullet Journal | June 2016

Hello everyone! We are halfway through 2016! Hooray we made it! I cannot believe I managed to stick through with Bullet Journaling as my planning system for three months already! Now that is an achievement for someone who has so many planners. My love for bullet journaling has not wavered and just like any other relationship, experimenting and reflection do help keep this bond alive!

In this post, I share my bullet journal setup for the month of June 2016 with my reflections and suggestions for July’s layout.

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My Bullet Journal June 2016

Sections in my June Bullet Journal:
1. Brain Dump
2. June 2016 – Tasks, Goals, To-Do, Notes
3. Ramadhan Schedule
4. Ramadhan List
5. June Planner Challenges
6. #PlanWithMeChallenge prompts
7. June Gratitude
8. June Tracker
9. June Memories
10. June Social Media Tracker
11. June Doodles
12. Blog Ideas
13. June Weekly / Dailies
14. Planner 2017
15. July 2016 Layout

My reflections for my June Bullet Journal Setup

1. Brain Dump section

My June Brain Dump Section

Brain dump means to have everything and anything in your head to be “dumped” somewhere, in this case, a notebook. It is a great way to “cleanse” your mind and is generally recommended before turning in for the night or in the morning before you start your day. Doing this will allow you to see tasks that needs to be prioritized instead of being overwhelmed and not knowing where to start.

I find myself staring at an empty brain dump section though. I think this is because I tend to grab my Hobonichi Weeks to do listings in the evening/morning or every Sunday for weekly overview which really helps me to prioritize tasks. I will then select the tasks to be done and transfer them in my bullet journal daily/weekly layout. If I see similar things or tasks with similar themes in my brain dump list, I will create specific sections in June, for example, Blog Ideas, Planners for 2017 & July 2016 Layout.

June Brain Dump Categorized

2. New (Experimental) Monthly Layout for June

June Monthly Layout

I usually follow the standard monthly layout for bullet journaling however, since this month I will be starting my online classes, I decided to have both personal & class schedules in my monthly.

I divided the month into 2 pages (15 days right page, 15 days left page) with 2 columns (personal & school / others). I will list down my To-Dos and Notes below the schedule. I realized that by listing to-dos in the first half of the week, I was more focused to achieve them before the first half of the week ends then seeing to-dos listed in a page.

3. New Section: Social Media Tracker

June 2016 BUJO Layout – Social Media Tracker

I thought it will be a great idea to track my social media development across platforms. I did not research much on the layout for this but I’m hoping to make it more streamlined for next month.

4. Printed daily layouts

June 2016 – Printed Daily Layout

I recently shared my ideas for bullet journal layout in the month of Ramadhan. Getting caught up in doing a layout can be a hassle especially if it is a daily layout, therefore I created a free printable daily layout for the month of Ramadhan. It takes the time off from spending too much time drawing the layouts as you can just print it out, paste them in your notebook and fill them in as you go. Further more, Ramadhan is a month to focus on spiritual pursuit and I thought I did save time for a lot of people there.

Despite having daily layouts from the start of the month, I realized I missed creating and experimenting with different weekly layouts so I wouldn’t want to stick with daily layouts throughout as much, unless time does not seem to be on my side.

5. New Section: June Doodles

June BUJO Layout – Doodles

I had a lettering challenge in May’s layout and thought of doing a doodle challenge this month by #Kawaiidoodleschallengejune. Even though I am no artist, I really had a lot of fun! Will be on a lookout for more doodle challenges.

Possible July Layout

I will be incorporating most sections introduced earlier in the post for next month still but I have more new sections to add on like future long (since my bullet journal started in April and I have a 3 months log only), possible fitness log (i tried it in May but I failed) and personal achievements section! Looking forward to create July! Also my birthday month!

How has your planning system benefited you and are there things you would like to improve? Do let me know if you have any ideas to share with me too!

Items featured in photos:
Notebook used: Leuchtturm Emerald Medium A5 Dotted
Notebook Cover used: Mellonjournal A5 Fauxdori in Sunday Dusk Clippings
Layouts: Colouring Pages from Google Search, Daily Layout (Ramadhan Special), Habit Tracker & #PlanWithMeChallenge prompts from Bohoberry
Stationeries used: Zig Brush Pens, Kikkik Gel Pen, Staedtler Triplus Fineliner, Washi Tape from Shopbando, Magnetic Clip from HelloPaperCat, Tassel from Etsy Hautepinkfluff, Pen Sleeve from Foxyfix

Disclaimer: This post is non-sponsored and opinions expressed are of my own. All photos are mine. Please let me know if you would like to use them. Feel free to comment, suggest future posts or ask any questions about this post! Thank you!

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Instagram – @paperblushplans (planner-related) / @paper.muse (BUJO)
Facebook Fan Page – Paper Blush Plans
Twitter – @paperblushplans
Youtube – Nadia Blush


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