CraftySG Workshop – 3D Miniature Quilling Pendants

3D Miniature Quilling Pendants Promo

I was given the opportunity by CraftySG to join the 3D Miniature Quilling Pendants workshop on 30th July, conducted at Goodman Arts Center. The venue was accessible and a short walk from the train station. Goodman Arts Center is a beautiful historical building and it exudes creative energy all around. It was my first time there and I was naturally drawn to the amazing aura of the whole place! I believe there are other crafty events held all year long so do check out their website for more information.

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Cute card from UniqueGrabs!
The 3D Miniature Quilling Pendants workshop started at 330pm. There were another 2 workshops going on as well; the Aroma Therapy Candle Making workshop as well as Leather Card Holder Making workshop (sadly I cannot go to all of them!) I was greeted by Richard from UniqueGrabs and he handed me a bottle of water, my name tag and the handmade card above! He told me he made a bunch of these cards the night before and with such skills, the card turned out to be so adorable! Really love this. You can take a look at UniqueGrabs shop for more wonderful handmade cards.

3D Miniature Quilling Pendants
Honestly, I am not very good with crafting. I am not sure if creating or decorating layouts for planners can be called “crafting” but I am honestly nervous when I saw the above miniatures. I mean look at them! The craftsmanship is intricate and the miniatures are so dainty looking. I am probably going to ruin something before i even started but then our craft master, Priyanka from Just Love Crafts, told me that a seven year old made one of them so I went if that girl can do it, I guess so can I.

Tools used for the making of 3D Miniature Quilling Pendants
Craft juniors (the students) were given 2 pendants to work on as well as the options to choose the 2 bases, the type of flowers and dessert we would like to craft, chain type (chain/knot) and 2 charms. Above are some of the tools used to create the small flowers (the orange & yellow flowers). See how tiny the flowers are! So cute!

Crafting in Action!
Best aspect of this workshop? The workshop ratio of 1:10. One craft master to 10 craft juniors! The workshop is very intimate and this allows the craft master to attend to the craft juniors’ questions or any form of help. Like a child doing her first craft, I actually needed the attention and positive affirmations (before I declare myself a failure for not being able to roll a small piece of paper into a flower and run to one corner assuming fetal position) and my Priya was really patient, kind and helpful.

Me and Priya talked about her experience as a full-time crafter during the workshop and how she gets into this business and what I remembered most poignantly from our conversation was that she said:

We have to be innovative. If we keep doing the same thing, people may not like it.”

I was asking her about the craft business in Singapore and she commented on that. I really admire her passion to go full-time with her craft work and also teaching others with the same passion as well. Thank you Priya for the wonderful workshop. I truly enjoyed learning how to make 3D miniature quilling pendants with you!

3D Miniature Quilling Pendant Workshop
Amidst the acute stress, enjoyment and satisfaction after successfully crafting miniatures, I forgot to take photos of the final product I made then. That’s me holding up my pendants. I am now able to declare myself as “Crafty” and I will also get a certificate of participation for it! I also learned that you just have to jump right into it when you’re crafting and practice does make perfect so it is all right to feel nervous when you first join such workshops. Just go for it and meet like-minded people. You will be surprised!

CraftySG Workshops Organisers!
Big thanks to Debbie and Richard for organizing CraftySG Workshops! I truly enjoyed myself! Looking forward to other workshops! Well done guys!

Crafty Singapore plans to organise workshops on a regular basis (first and third Saturday of each month) from September onward. They are also looking for craft workshop trainers to collaborate with so do leave your contacts with the organising committee if you are interested in sharing your love of crafts with us!

Hope to see you there at the workshops!

P/S: I’m kidding about not showing you the crafts I made. Scroll all the way down to see those adorable miniatures!

About Crafty Singapore

Crafty Singapore hopes to bring together people in Singapore who have a common interest in crafting. Goals include bringing about awareness of the beauty of handmade products, bonding within the community, and sharing of craft-related information within Singapore.

Facebook: CraftySingapore
Instagram: Craftysg
Twitter: Craftysg
Website: CraftySingapore

Contact information

Organising committee: Richard Chan (90460038) / Debbie Ho (90060683)

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed are of my own. All photos are mine. Please let me know if you would like to use them. Feel free to comment, suggest future posts or ask any questions about this post. Thank you!

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