My Bullet Journal | July 2016

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Hello everyone! How has your July been? July has been fabulous for me. I celebrated my 30th birthday and Eid with my new family and relatives and also gotten my Diploma in Photography (I need more practice though)! Here is how my bullet journal looks like for the month of July. I decided to introduce collections too.

Sections in my July Bullet Journal:
1. Monthly Overview
2. Monthly Tasks, Goals, Notes
3. July Gratitude List
4. July Memories
5. July Instagram Planner Challenges
6. Sketchnotes
7. July Social Media Tracker
8. July Habit Tracker
9. Spring Cleaning (adhoc)
10. Favourite Instagram Accounts (collection)
11. Favourite Organising Apps (collection)
12. Creative Projects (collection)
13. July Weekly
14. August Layout Brainstorm

Reflections for my July bullet journal layout:

Bullet Journal Monthly Layout – July 2016

1. Monthly To-Do, Goals, Notes
– I decided to bring this section back but I find it under utilize this month. Perhaps the tasks and goals are too general and are broken down by actions done during the week/days.

Bullet Journal – Sketchnote section

2. Sketchnotes
– I didn’t have time to practise doodling so I displayed the pretty washi tapes I bought instead to remind me to use it. Unlikely to carry on this section next month.

3. [Collection] Favourite Instagram Accounts
– I decided to take note of the accounts I really love so I can be frequently be inspired to create better posts on Instagram. Interesting how most accounts I love feature traveller’s notebooks usage such as journaling and not directly related to what I’m doing.

4. [Collection] Favourite Organising Apps
– Even though I use my bullet journal to organise my life, it is safe to say that backups come in handy. I have a handful of productivity or organising apps that I find really useful and would use them on a regular basis. Also great to have this list in case my phone didn’t do a backup and I can re-download the apps again. Don’t you hate it when you go “What’s that app called again?” and then could not find it in the App/Play store ever again? So frustrating.

Bullet Journal Collection – Creative Projects

5. [Collection] Creative Projects
– I introduced sections for collections this month. Since I’ve stopped working (somebody hire me!), I finally have more time to do lots of creative stuffs. It all started when I was carrying a Personal size Foxyfix Notebook cover then and realized it was pretty hard to find inserts of this size in Singapore, so I decided to make my own. I did my research and jot/sketch the measurements, paper types, etc. in my then project notebook. The information gathered was really helpful but it was all over. I needed a place to keep my collections of creative projects so I turned to my bullet journal. I only have a few projects currently, but I like that this section works like an index page for projects I would like to do and helps me visualise the time line. I will then expand the project in other pages and note the progress & page number, for example, brainstorming pg. 160, process pg. 163. Come to think of it, having a separate notebook will be better for a collection as such.

Bullet Journal – Layout Weekly/Daily

6. July Weekly / Daily
– I love my July weekly and daily and it works really well for me because I’ve developed the ‘Central Station’ idea to incorporate my weekly and daily tasks. You can read about it here.

7. Bullet Journal Layout Decoration
– This month sees more black ink and my layout is much simpler especially the weekly and daily. The only exception was the use of stencils (and a few stickers) to decorate the pages. The stencils produced the banners and the feathers and the stencils are a quick and simple way to decorate your bullet journal layout.

I have a quick flip through of my bullet journal in July up on my Instagram:

A video posted by nadia n. (@paper.muse) on Aug 2, 2016 at 6:15am PDT



Future Planning for August Layout

I am probably retaining my ‘Central Station’ layout idea but I am also open to trying out new layouts for my weekly and daily. Things I would love to include in August would be television show tracker, daily affirmations (because we don’t praise ourselves enough) and new items in my habit tracker. I am actually squeezing my August in my current notebook because there are not many pages left ( I don’t write on the perforated pages unless the information is temporary) so I am not going to be too ambitious and try out too many things this month. I do however, can note down ideas for September because new fresh notebook! So exciting!

How are you planning your August?

Nadia, @paperblushplans

Items I used this month for bullet journaling:

Notebook used:
Leuchtturm Emerald Medium A5 Dotted
Notebook Cover used:
Foxyfix A5 Perfect Bound Golden Honey / Tapesandthings A5 Hobonichi Cover
Writing Instruments:
KikkiK Gel Pen, Staedtler Triplus Fineliner (Black), Tombow Dual Marker N15, Foxyfix Pen Sleeve
Layout Decoration:
Stencils from Etsy, Stickers from Meandmybigideas, Washi Tapes from Tapesandthings & YeayStationeryCo

Disclaimer: This post is non-sponsored and opinions expressed are of my own. All photos are mine. Please let me know if you would like to use them. Feel free to comment, suggest future posts or ask any questions about this post. Thank you!

Other Places To Find Me:
Instagram – @paperblushplans (planner-related) / @paper.muse (bullet journaling)
Facebook Fan Page – Paper Blush Plans
Twitter – @paperblushplans
Youtube – Nadia Blush


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