I discovered the planner community in late 2014. My first planner was a Filofax Personal Cover Story – English Bloom. I bought it from a local bookstore not aware that there is such a huge planner community out there.

My First Filofax
My First Filofax

However, my first real planner love was the Filofax Compact Saffiano in Raspberry. Maybe it’s the soft leather, maybe its the two-tone color combination of purple and pink or the portability of the planner. Who knew.

My First Love - Saffiano Raspberry
My First Love – Saffiano Raspberry

From there, things started to get out of control, in a good way. More planners of different brands, textures, styles and colors start coming my way then some leaving me to new owners. I started doing daily planner challenges on Instagram and honing my photography skills at the same time; both things which I enjoy doing.

Some of my current planner collection
Some of my planner collection
My gold coil planner collection
My floral planner collection

So here I am, hoping to share my love for stationery, planners and all things related. Hopefully embarking on this journey will help me to uncover planner system and planner peace as well. Thank you for dropping by!

Other Places To Find Me:
Instagram – @paperblushplans (planner-related) / @paper.muse (BUJO)
Facebook Fan Page – Paper Blush Plans
Twitter – @paperblushplans
Youtube – Nadia Blush


Nadia, @paperblushplans


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